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Related article: Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 19:39:06 EDT
Subject: family and friends taught me 2*** Disclaimer***
Basically this is a story of my journey though sexual maturity with both male
Family members and Friends- I had a very active childhood and I am here to
share lolitas toys de 13year that with lolita 8yr nude pics others who want to read about such experiences for every
reason from study to pleasure. This Story Will Contain VERY DETAILED Adult
Sexual Situations!!!!!!! If you are NOT OF LEGAL AGE to read, examine, or
review such materials for the laws that govern your Country, City, County,
Wanna Suck Her ???- Jared's Story Part 2 Now I am not now nor have I ever been stupid. As soon as my hand touched
that glorious piece of meat I knew what it was. I have seen the thing a
couple of times since getting to the age when I know what a big cock looks
like. That thing is a really nice size and at that age he was fully grown I
am going to assume. I would say it is probably nine and a half inches. I have
seen a WHOLE LOT OF cocks in my life since then and I just have to say, no
matter how much a guy brags, There are not a lot of nice thick, meaty, long
cocks like that. It is awesome to me now and then it was something to behold!
I had no ideal what he wanted me to do but I did know I had that dick in
my hand and was not going to let it go. I remember his hand coming out from
under the covers and, DAMN it was too dark for me to see it that time, taking
my head and moving it towards the cover that his other hand was holding up. I
remember his hand www little lolita nude being so far around my head at the time that his fingers
were caressing my face. Funny the things one remembers.
Finally my head was laying on his lap right next to his dick. I could
feel the heat coming off of it and it felt so wonderful in my hand. I moved
it sideways, without pulling it up right in his lap, over to my face and
began to rub my whole face with it. The feeling was awesome. The heat and the
silky smooth skin of his cock on my face, along with a bunch of wet stuff
that seemed to just smear on my face, heated this kid up in a way I had never
known. I did not know what he wanted me to do but I sure knew that I could
not wait to do it.
" Uncle Jimmy, " my voice was very very shaky, " what do you want me to
do now?"
I will never forget the raspy words of his reply," Suck her!" I was
finally getting my suck her.
I have read a lot of stories where the authors speak of these small
mouthed children who can not fit a hot dog sized dick. Well, just let me say
that if that is the normal way of it than I was a natural cocksucker. I
remember taking the head of that cock into my mouth and sucking on it just
like I would my sucker. It was fantastic. I sucked on that head for a long
long time and then felt the steady pressure of his force on the back of my
head pushing me lower and lower. I had no ideal what this was but it was hot
and my dick was rock hard.
" Hey, Pal, lets move over onto the bed."
I did not even answer this as I sadly removed the warm soft texture and
security of that big dick from preteen models art lolitas my mouth. I remember holding on to his cock
the whole way over to the bed. He laid me down on a red bed spread when he
pulled his dick from my hand with a smile on his face- My God, what a smile.
I wish we could get along now. That is one sexy fuckin man.
Then he went over to the dresser and did something that I did not, to
this day I still do not, understand. He put hand lotion on his dick and
rubbed it a few times. He came back over to the bed and laid down. He told me
to put my head facing his feet and my feet facing his head. He took hold of
my leg and raised it over his body and sat me on his chest. He told me to
suck his cock some more and I went right for it. He had rubbed lotion on it
and now it tasted bad. I was soon into it any way and loved the sensation of
him guiding my head up and down about half of his cock.
We were like this for about an hour or so and boy my jaw hurt bad. Then
two things happened at once- He pulled my hips up and sucked my little boy
cock into his mouth and began pumping thick streams of something that I knew
was not pee into my mouth.
The taste of his thick sweet fluid was the best thing in the world to
me. Oh and the feel of his warm mouth on my cock drove me crazy. He was a
teenager and was still shooting wads of his boy cum into my mouth- Whew what
a day- .....more to come

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